Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession

Mark  Berman-Committee on TechnologyMission Statement
The Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession will identify subjects concerning technology that will impact the delivery of legal services now and in the future and (a) make recommendations to other NYSBA entities and staff to provide CLE and other tools to assist NYSBA members in enhancing their practices, adapting to technological innovation, and achieving reasonable technological competence in all aspects of their practices, including (without limitation) e-discovery, artificial intelligence, data privacy and cybersecurity; (b) enhance protection of the public by developing and recommending needed regulations and best practices for legal technology companies and, where appropriate, by working collaboratively with legal technology companies and entrepreneurs who provide forms, referrals, artificial intelligence and other for-profit law-related services directly to legal consumers; and (c) evaluate and recommend ways to use new legal technologies to bridge the “justice gap” and provide better access to courts and legal services for those unable to afford lawyers.

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Lawyers must keep abreast of the risks associated with managing technology and privileged and proprietary firm and client information, taking steps to safeguard themselves, their firm and their clients. Download our guide here.

New! Key Takeaways from the Cybersecurity Thought Leadership Conference of the Committee on Technology and the Legal Profession.

Managing Cybersecurity Risks Podcast with Mark Berman

Best Practices Videos

Advancing Clients on Social Media In the Workplace-Michael Fox

Advancing Clients-Michael Fox 

Artificial Intelligence-Maura Grossman and Mark Berman
Maura and mark

Data Security-Sandy Strenger,Parth Chowlera, and Ron Hedges
Data Security-Sandy

Development in Online Legal Referral Services-Ron Minkoff

Preventive Measures for a Cyberattack-Alison Besunder
Preventive Measures

Securing Your Network-Sandy Stranger, Parth Chowlera, and Ron Hedges
Securing Your Network

Securing Your Password-Sandy Strenger, Parth Chowlera, and Ron Hedges
Securing Your Password

Social Media in the Workplace-Scott Malouf
Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media Discovery and Research-Ignatius Grande
Social Media-Ignatius

Software Updates-Sandy Strenger, Parth Chowlera, and Ron Hedges
Sandy Strenger