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Secure Fax Number: 518-463-5993 - please use for all financial transactions with NYSBA 

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Change of address
: Member Resource Center, 800-582-2452, [email protected] (or login to the site, go to MyNYSBA, and change your contact information at MyProfile).  
Ethics opinions
: [email protected]. Please note: inquiries may be submitted by attorneys only and must be in writing.

 seminars and publications information and ordering: Member Resource Center, 800-582-2452 or [email protected] 

 and legislative matters: Governmental Relations Department, (518) 487-5652, [email protected] 

Lawyer Referral Service
: 800-342-3661, [email protected] - referrals to attorneys in Upstate and Western New York.  

Public Interest
: Department of Public Interest, (518) 487-5641, [email protected]
The New York State Bar Association is a voluntary membership organization for attorneys. The Department of Public Interest serves those attorneys. The Department of Public Interest does not give legal advice or arrange pro bono counsel for members of the public.  If you need an attorney please see contact information above for NYSBA's Lawyer Referral Service. If you are seeking free legal assistance, please visit LawHelpNY. For attorneys seeking placement for pro bono service, please review the Pro Bono Opportunities Guide.

Law, Youth & Citizenship Program
: (518) 487-5612, [email protected]   

Practice Management
: (518) 487-5590, [email protected]   

Section newsletters, subscriptions or copies of articles
: Newsletter Department, (518) 487-5671 or (518) 487-5672, [email protected]   

Media Services Department
: (518) 487-5530, [email protected]   

Letters to the editor, State Bar News
: NYSBA Mailbag, (518) 487-5536,  [email protected]   

New York State Bar Journal
- Publications Department: (518) 463-3200,  [email protected]   

Advertising information: (410) 584-1960, [email protected] Learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities with NYSBA here.

Accounting Department: (518) 487-5510, [email protected]   

Human Resources
: (518) 487-5543, [email protected]   

Lawyer Assistance Program
: (518) 487-5685, [email protected] - services for attorneys who are struggling with addiction, depression, or other mental health issues.   

The New York Bar Foundation
- (518) 487-5651