NYSBA is pleased to offer you a new way to pay dues

We have launched an automatic renewal service that provides a convenient and secure way to pay for your membership.

Sign Up Today In Three Easy Steps:

  • 1. Select Your Dues
  • 2. Pick Additional Membership Options
  • 3. Proceed To Cart And Choose Enroll

When you enroll in the Auto-Renewal Program, your credit card will be charged either annually or monthly based on your billing preference. This way your membership will always be current, so you’ll receive your benefits uninterrupted. We'll even renew your NYSBA membership each year without you needing to take action.

By joining the Auto-Renewal Program, you understand that your credit card will be charged at the beginning of your month of expiration for your next year of membership at the then-current rate. If you have chosen the monthly payment option, your credit card will be charged at the beginning of each month without interruption. If you decide to cancel your membership prior to paying your dues in full for the entire year, then you will have to cover the remaining balance before renewing your membership again. If you wish to leave the program at any time, you can simply call (800) 582-2452 in advance of your month of expiration.