Veterans Programs

The Committee on Veterans strives to create and execute legal education programs for attorneys and the general public on veterans’ issues. These programs will have the overarching theme of providing legal education to practitioners and non-lawyers involved in veterans’ issues relating to services available and addressing legal issues unique to the community of veterans.

Veterans Programs Available Online 
Advanced Financial & Health Directives for Service Members and Veterans (2019)
Cultural Diversity in America's Military (2019)
Representing the Veterans Before the Veterans Administration 2019 Part 1 and Part 2
Representing Veterans/Setting Up and Running Business (2019)
How To Serve Veterans in Your Law Practice (2018)
Myth Busters: Clearing Up Old Misconceptions in Veterans Law (2018)
Rehabilitating Veterans through Veterans Treatment Courts (2018)
Military Cultural Competency (2018)
Eligibility and Rights in VA Funded Homelessness Program (2018)
Estate Planning/Admin. for Veterans and their Survivors (2018)
Representing Veterans - Veterans Administration and Beyond (2017)
Veterans Benefits: Practice & Procedure at the VA (2013)
Veterans Benefits: Representation Before the VA (2013)
Types Of Veterans Benefits (2013)

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