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Upcoming Programs
Construction Surety
Friday, April 17 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | NYC
Tuesday, April 21 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Rochester
Friday, May 12 | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Albany & Webcast

Beginner Recorded Programs
Honing Your Deposition Skills 2019: Basics and Beyond
Workers' Compensation Law Update (2019)
Medical Malpractice Litigation (2019)
Intro to Civil Practice Skills: Torts, Personal Injury and Insurance Law (2018)
Alternative Dispute Resolution in Personal Injury and Civil Litigation (2018)
Premises Liability: Issues and Considerations (2018)
Insurance Coverage Basics (2017)
Intro to Civil Practice: Torts and Insurance Law (2015)

Automobile Litigation and No-Fault Fundamentals (2013)
Law School for Insurance Professionals (2018)

Bridging the Gap Segments
Nuts and Bolts of a Workers Compensation Claim

Injured on the Job? What All Lawyers Should Know About Workers Comp
Insurance Coverage Basics 
Products Liability 101
Automobile Litigation | No-Fault in NYS – What You Need to Know
Litigating a Slip, Trip and Fall Case in New York State
Automobile Litigation in New York | What You Need to Know about No-Fault
Handling a Medical Malpractice Case – An Overview
Preparing For and Taking Depositions in a Personal Injury Case
Cross Examination of an Expert Witness in a Medical Malpractice Case

Specialized and Advanced Recorded Programs
Construction Site Accident Claims & Litigation (2019)

Auto & Truck Claims, Accidents & Litigation (2019)
Recently Adopted Child Victims Act: Insurance Issues (2019)
Handling Tough Issues in a Plaintiff's Personal Injury (2019)
Keeping Current with Automobile Litigation in New York (2019)
Insurance Coverage Update 2019
2018 Law School for Insurance Professionals
Emerging Issues in Environmental Insurance (2018)
Insurance Coverage Update 2018
Emerging Liability Issues for the Healthcare Industry/Defending Claims Against Nursing Homes (2018)
Keeping Current with New York Automobile Litigation (2018)
Workers Compensation Law and Practice Update (2017)
Drone Law - Regulatory Issues (2017)

Toxic Tort Litigation (2017)
Auto and Truck Claims, Accidents & Litigation (2017)
Updates and Hot Trending Topics Affecting Insurance Coverage (2017)
Labor Law Claims, Coverage & Litigation (2016)
Medical Malpractice Litigation (2016)
Fire Law: Claims and Defenses After Fires & Explosions (2015)
Premises Liability: What You Need to Know in NY (2015)
Health, Fitness and Adventure Sports Liability (2013)
Construction and Surety Law - Every Lawyer's Guide (2013)
Litigating the Products Liability Case (2013)
Representing Motor Vehicle Accident Victims (2013)

Taking the Risk Out of Risk: An Indemnification Handbook
George McKeegan, Esq.
William Ranieri, Esq.
Glenn Vallach, Esq.

Insurance Law Practice - 2nd Edition
John M. Nonna, Esq.
Christopher W. Healy, Esq.

Workers' Compensation Law and Practice in New York
Steven M. Scotti, Esq.
John Sweeney, Esq.

Plaintiff's Personal Injury Action in New York State, 2014
Patrick J. Higgins, Esq.

Products Liability in New York: Strategy and Practice - 2nd Edition
Neil A. Goldberg, Esq.
John Freedenberg, Esq.

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