Tax Reports 2009

Tax Report and Letter 1198 
Report on the Treatment of Fluctuations in Value under Section 382(l)(3)(C)

Tax Report and Letter 1197 
Report On Administration Proposals Regarding Deferral Of Deductions Related To Deferred Foreign Income, Foreign Tax Credit Pooling, And Entity Classification Rules

Tax Letter 1196 
Temporary Suspension of AHYDO Rules

Tax Report and Letter 1195 
Report on IRS Announcement 2008-115 on FIRPTA Treatment of Rights Granted by a Governmental Unit

Tax Report and Letter 1194 
Report on the Rules Governing Reports on Transactions with Foreign Financial Agencies (FBARs)

Tax Report and Letter A and B 1193 
Report on Rules Governing Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Under Section 457A

Tax Report and Letter 1192 
Report on Temporary Regulations Regarding the Hot Stock Rules Under Section 355(a)(3)(B)

Tax Report and Letter 1191 
Temporary and Proposed Regulations Regarding All-Cash Acquisitive D Reorganizations

Tax Letter 1190 
Comments on Proposed Modifications to Section 6662 Penalty in America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Tax Report and Letter 1189 
Report on Qualified Intermediary and Related Withholding and Information Reporting Legislation Proposed by the Administration

Tax Report and Letter 1188 
Report on the Application of Anti-Conduit Regulations to Hybrid Entities and Instruments

Tax Letter 1187 
Draft Amendments to Residency Rules for Student Housing

Tax Letter 1186 
Request for Formal Guidance on FBAR Reporting Obligations

Tax Letter 1185 
Recommendations for 2009-2010 Tax Guidance Priority List

Tax Report and Letter 1184 
Report On Proposed Regulations Under Sections 108(e)(8) and 721 on Partnership Debt-for-Equity Exchanges

Tax Report and Letter 1183 
Report responding to an IRS request for assistance in identifying and addressing issues confronting private foundation investors in Ponzi schemes and other frauds.

Tax Report and Letter 1182 
Report on the Cancellation of Indebtedness and AHYDO Rules of Sections 108(i) and 163(e)(5)(F)

Tax Letter 1181 
Letter Re Process for Making Appointments to the New York Tax Appeals Tribunal

Tax Report and Letter 1180 
Remedying Documentary Noncompliance By Section 409A Plans

Tax Report 1179 
Report on Selected Tax Provisons of the 2009-2010 NYS Executive Budget Legislation

Tax Report 1178 
Draft Amendments to Regulations With Regard to Combined Returns.

Tax Report and Letter 1177 
Proposed Regulations Under Section 367, 1248 and 6038

Tax Report and Letter 1176 
Report on the Treatment of Capital Contributions Under Code Section 382(l)(1)

Tax Report 1175 
Report on Revenue Procedure 2008-51