Tax Reports 2004

Tax Letter 1074 
Internal Revenue Code Section 965

Tax Letter 1073 
Filing Deadline for Material Advisors under Notice 2004-80

Tax Report and Letter 1072 
Report on Proposed Regulations Regarding Continuity of Interest and Pre-Closing Stock Value Fluctuations.

Tax Report and Letter 1071 
Report on Notice 2004-37.

Tax Report and Letter 1070 
Source, "Effective Connection" of COD Income in Cross-Border Financings.

Tax Report and Letter 1069 
Report on Temporary and Proposed Regulations Concerning Allocation of Creditable Foreign Tax Expenditures.

Tax Letter 1068 
Senate JOBS Bill Amendments to Section 269

Tax Letter 1067 
Proposed Amendments to Qualified Covered Call Rules.

Tax Report and Letter 1066 
Definition of "Traded On An Established Market" Within The Meaning of Section 1273.

Tax Report and Letter 1065 
Proposed New York State Tax Shelter Legislation.

Tax Report and Letter 1064 
Report on Transfers of Assets or Stock Following a Corporate Reorganization.

Tax Letter 1063 
Provisions of H.R. 4520 and S. 1637 Relating to the Taxation of Deferred Compensation.

Tax Report and Letter 1062 
Report on Proposed Notional Principal Contract Regulations.

Tax Report and Letter 1061 
Report on Temporary Regulations Section 1.368-2T Relating to "A" Reorganizations Involving Disregarded Entities.

Tax Report and Letter 1060 
Distributions Following Tax-Free Reorganizations.

Tax Report and Letter 1059 
Report on Capitalization of Expenses to Repair, Improve or Rehabilitate Tangible Property and Certain Transaction Costs.

Tax Report and Letters A & B 1058 
The Governor's 2004-2005 Budget Bill (Senate 6060/Assembly 9560)

Tax Report and Letter 1057 
Proposed Amendments to Circular 230.

Tax Letter 1056 
S. 1637 - JOBS Act -Tax Shelter Penalty Provisions.

Tax Letter 1055 
H.R. 2896 - Tax Shelter Penalty Provisions

Tax Letter 1054 
Proposed Regulations Relating to Notional Principal Contracts with Nonperiodic Payments (REG-166012-02).

Tax Report and Letter 1053 
Proposed Regulations Section 1.988-6.

Tax Letter 1052 
Revisions to the Confidentiality Provisions of the Tax Shelter Disclosure Regulations.

Tax Report and Letter 1051 
Treatment of Variable Stock Consideration In Tax-Free Corporate Reorganizations.

Tax Report and Letter 1050 
Continuity of Interest and Pre-Closing Stock Value Fluctuation

Tax Report and Letter 1049 
Taxation of Partnership Interests Received for Services and Compensatory Partnership Options

Tax Report and Letter 1048 
Proposed Regulations relating to Partnership Options and Convertible Securities

Tax Report and Letter 1047 
New York's Personal Income Tax Withholding Requirements: Analysis and Recommendations

Tax Report and Letter 1046 
Section 355(e) "Non-Plan" Issues

Tax Report and Letter 1045 
Proposed Regulations under Sections 168(k) and 1400L of the Internal Revenue Code Relating to Additional First Year Depreciation Allowances