Tax Reports 2003

Tax Report and Letter 1044 
Proposed Regulations under Sections 421, 422 and 424 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Report and Letter 1043 
Reorganizations Involving Insolvent Subsidiaries.

Tax Report and Letter 1042 
Treatment of Restricted Stock in Corporate Reorganization Transactions.

Tax Letter 1041 
Senate Finance Hearings on tax shelters.

Tax Report and Letter 1040 
Report No. 1040 and transmittal letter concerning Announcement 2003-35.

Tax Report 1039 
American Jobs Creation Act of 2003

Tax Report and Letter 1038 
Simplification of the IRC: Tax Exempt Bonds

Tax Report and Letters A, B, C and D 1037 
Certain Legislative Proposals Relating to the Section 163(j) Earnings Stripping Rules.

Tax Report and Letter 1036 
Dividend Provisions of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003.

Tax Report and Letter 1035 
Trust Fund Liability for Collection of Sales Tax

Tax Letter 1034 
NYS Estimated Tax

Tax Report and Letter 1033 
Potentially Abusive Tax Shelter Regulations

Tax Report Examples and Letters 1, 2, 3 and 4 1032 
NYSBA Tax Section Summary Report on the Provisions of recent Senate Bills that would Codify the Economic Substance Doctrine plus Economic Substance Examples.

Tax Report and Letter 1031 
Proposed Regulations regarding the treatment of expenditures made in connection with intangible assets.

Tax Report and Letters A, B and C 1030 
Dividend Exclusion

Tax Report and Letter 1029 
Loss Disallowance

Tax Report 1028 
Comments on Issues Relating to Circular 230.

Tax Report and Letter 1027 
Disguised Sales of Partnership Interests Reponding to Notice 2001-64.

Tax Report and Letters A, B and C 1026 
Simplification of the Internal Revenue Code

Tax Report and Letter 1025 
Report on Recent Tax Shelter Regulations