Tax Section Reports 2000

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Tax Section Letter 963
Letter on Business Plan for 2000.

Tax Section Letter 964
Letter on Derivatives Transactions in Corporate Stock.

Tax Section Report 965
Report on Proposed "Straddle" Legislation.

Tax Section Report 966
Report on Proposed Legislation to Amend Section 357.

Tax Section Report 968
Report on Treas. Reg. Sec. 1.355-7.

Tax Section Report 969
Report on Regulations that Define a "Statutory" Merger or Consolidation Under Section 368(a)(1)(A).

Tax Section Letter 970
Joint State/City Power of Attorney.

Tax Section Letter and Report 971
Report on Arbitration Procedure for Appeals -- Announcement 2000-4.

Tax Section Letter 972
Letter on Temporary and Proposed Regulations (T.D. 8872) on Asset Transfers for a C Corporation to, or the Qualification of a C Corporation as, a Regulated Investment Company or a Real Estate Investment Trust.

Tax Section Letter and Report 973
Report on Proposed Regulations Relating to Financial Asset Securitization Investment Trusts.

Tax Section Letter and Report 974
Report on Proposed Entity Classification Regulations.

Tax Section Letter 975
Letter Regarding New York State Assembly Bill 8518-A and Senate Bill 5671-A on Offers in Compromise.

Tax Section Letter and Report 976
Report on Proposals Regarding Transfers of REMIC and FASIT Residual Interests.

Tax Section Letter and Report 977
Report on the Treasury's Proposal to Codify the Economic Substance Doctrine.

Tax Section Letter and Report 978
Report on Possible Revisions to Circular 230 Dealing with Standards of Practice Applicable to Tax Shelter Transactions.

Tax Section Letter 979
Report on Corporate Tax Shelters; Proposed Section 6662A of the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Section Letter 980
Report on Allocation of Partnership Nonrecourse Liabilities.

Tax Section Letter 981
Letter on New York State Proposed Legislation on Publication Requirement for Certain Charitable Organizations.

Tax Section Letter and Report 982
Report on Tax Shelter Regulations.

Tax Section Letter 983
Letter on Conformity of Federal, State and City Offers in Compromise Statutes.

Tax Section Letter and Report 984
Letter Regarding Possible Reforms to Section 83.

Tax Section Letter 985
Proposed Repeal of the New York State Resident/Nonresident Partnership Allocation Regulations. 

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