Tax Section Reports 1999

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Tax Section Letter 943
Letter on Senate Bill 2358 Amending Active Trade or Business Requirement of Section 355(b)(2)(A).

Tax Section Report 944
Report on Proposed Legislation to Amend Section 357.

Tax Section Report 945
Draft Technical Services Bureau Memorandum on Application of Mortgage Recording Tax to Commercial Credit Line Mortgages.

Tax Section Report 946
Draft Amendments to UBT and GCT Rules.

Tax Section Letter 947
Letter on Maximum Capital Gains Rate.

Tax Section Report 949
Report on Proposed Amendments to Regulations on Effect of Administrative Expenses on Marital and Charitable Deductions.

Tax Section Report 950
Report on Corporate Tax Shelters.

Tax Section Report 951
Report on Fast Pay Arrangements Under Prop. Treas. Reg. Sec. 1.7701(l)-3.

Tax Section Report 952
Report on Proposed Legislation to Re-Impose Tax on S Corporation ESOPs and Report on Certain Tax Accounting Provisions in the Administration's Revenue Proposals for the Fiscal Year 2000 Budget

Tax Section Letter 953
Letter on Year 2000 Budget, Tracking Stock Proposals.

Tax Section Report 954
Report on Section 1032.

Tax Section Report 955
Report on Proposed Amendments to the Market Discount Rules of Sections 1276 - 1278; Report on Proposed Modification of Tax Provisions Related to Debt for Debt Exchanges; Report on Certain Proposals Relating to Foreign Activities of U.S. Taxpayers.

Tax Section Report 956
Report on Certain Tax Shelter Provisions.

Tax Section Report 957
Report on Legislative Proposals Relating to REITs.

Tax Section Report 958
Report on Control Test of Section 368(c).

Tax Section Report 959
Report on Constructive Ownership Bill.

Tax Section Letter 960
Letter on Relief to Joint Return Files Under New York State Tax Law.

Tax Section Letter 961
Letter on Commuter Tax Repeal.

Tax Section Letter 962
Letter on Commuter Tax Repeal.

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