Tax Section Reports 1988

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Tax Section Report 577

Report on New York State Department of Taxation and Finance's Uniform Procedure Study Bill.

Tax Section Report 578

Report on Qualified Nonrecourse Financing -- Selected Issues to be Addressed in Regulations.

Tax Section Report 579

Supplemental Report on Section 382.

Tax Section Report 580

Tax Section Annual Report.

Tax Section Report 581

Report on Proposed Amendments to Tax Court Rules for Partnership Actions.

Tax Section Report 582

Report on the Omnibus Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Tax Section Report 583

Report on Issues Concerning the Definition of Publicly Traded Partnerships.

Tax Section Report 584

Report on the Taxation of Shareholder Rights Plans (Poison Pills).

Tax Section Report 585

Preliminary Report on Temporary and Proposed Regulations Under Section 469.

Tax Section Report 586

Report on Jurisdiction of the United State Tax Court.

Tax Section Report 587

Report on Regulation S.

Tax Section Report 588

Report on IRS Advance Notice 87-69 Regarding Private Activity Bonds.

Tax Section Report 589

Report on Temporary and Proposed Regulations Under Section 892 of the Code.

Tax Section Report 590

Report on Combined Reporting for New York Corporate Franchise Tax Purposes.

Tax Section Report 591

Report on Administrative Adjudication of Disputes Involving New York City Taxes: Tax Tribunal Proposals.

Tax Section Report 592

Report on Service Contracts for Qualifying Facilities.

Tax Section Letter 593

Letter on Child Care Credit.

Tax Section Report 594

Report on Developing Country Debt/Equity Swaps.

Tax Section Report 595

Report on Proposed Amendments to the Real Property Transfer Tax Regulations.

Tax Section Report  596

Report on Temporary Branch Profits Tax Regulations.

Tax Section Report 597

Report on Temporary Section 861 Regulations on Allocation of Interest and Other Expense.

Tax Section Report 598

Report on Section 1446 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Section Report 599

Report on Federal Income Tax Treatment of Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits.

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