Tax Section Reports 1987

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Tax Section Report 554

Report on the Branch Profits Tax.

Tax Section Report 555

Report on Proposed Original Issue Discount Regulations.

Tax Section Report 556

Report on Treas. Reg. Sec. 35a.9999-5(f) Relating to the Repeal of the 30% Withholding Tax on Interest.

Tax Section Letter 557

Letter on Physical Location of the Tax Tribunal Offices.

Tax Section  Report 558

Report on Proposed Modification of Circular 230.

Tax Section Report 559

Summary Responses to Survey of Members of the Executive Committee of the NYSBA Tax Section on Priority Issues for Providing Taxpayer Guidance.

Tax Section Report 560

Report on Proposed Amendments to New York State Tax Law in Response to the 1986 Federal Tax Law.

Tax Section Report 561

Tax Section Annual Report.

Tax Section Letter 562

Letter on Application of Criminal Sanctions to Persons Found Guilty of Tax Evasion or Crimes Relating to Internal Revenue Laws.

Tax Section Report 563

Comments on Proposed Lobbying Regulations Affecting Charities.

Tax Section Report 564

Report on Issues Concerning Treatment of Master Limited Partnerships for Federal Income Tax Purposes.

Tax Section Report 565

Report on Tax Tribunal Legislation and Proposed Regulations.

Tax Section Report 566

Report on Proposals to Amend New York Corporate Taxation.

Tax Section Report 567

Branch Profits Tax -- Additional Issues to be Addressed in Regulations.

Tax Section Report 568

Comments on Proposed Regulations Concerning the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax Book Income Adjustment.

Tax Section Report 569

Report on the New York City Unincorporated Business Tax.

Tax Section Report 570

Comments on Section 469(k)(3).

Tax Section Report 571

Report on Advance Notice 87-4 Relating to Interest Rate Swaps.

Tax Section Report 572 

Report on the Override of U.S. Tax Treaty Provisions by Amendments to the Internal Revenue Code.

Tax Section Report 573

Report on the Proposed Regulations Under Section 163 of the Code Regarding the Allocation of Interest Expense.

Tax Section Report 574

Report on Proposed Regulations Relating to the Allocation of Interest and Other Expenses for Foreign Tax Credit and Certain Other Purposes.

Tax Section Report 575

Report on Civil Tax Penalties.

Tax Section Report 576

Report on Tracking Stock Arrangements.


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