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  • Nine Essential Planning Documents (November 15, 2016) recorded CLE program
  • Considering Next Steps: Proactive Career and Life Planning for Baby Boomers (2014) recorded webcast
  • Issues in Planning for Children with Autism Spectrum and Diagnosed with other disabilities (2015) recorded webcast
  • Retirement Planning for Clients and the Senior Lawyer (2015) recorded webcast
  • Out the Door Not Over the Hill (2008)
  • Closing or Selling a Law Practice (2005) recorded CLE program
  • Closing or Selling a Law Practice (2005) online CLE
  • The Ins and Outs of the New Power of Attorney Statute (October 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • The New Power-of-Attorney Form - What You Need to Know (August 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • Help Clients Find You: Simple Tools to Improve Your Web Presence (August 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • Twittering, Linking, Posting and Friending: Legal Implications of Social Networking (June 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • Practice Management and the New Rules of Professional Conduct (June 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • Practice Before the Veterans Administration (April/May 2009) recorded webinar CLE
  • Internet Marketing for Law Firms: How to Ramp Up Visibility and Build Clientele (May 2009) recorded webinar CLE
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    • Dietary supplement database
    • Ultimate food guide
    • Northwestern Mutual's Longevity game - estimate your lifespan
    • JOHNS HOPKINS HEALTH ALERTS!This free public service from Johns Hopkins Medicine helps keep you up to date on the latest breakthroughs for the most common medical conditions which prevent healthy aging
    • ARTICLE: Simple steps may slow aging, Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007 [subscription required]
      Research suggesting better health habits keep you youthful
    • ARTICLE: 'Behind the counter' meds, Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007 [subscription required]
      "...federal law that went into effect in September 2006. It requires customers to show identification and sign a log when they purchase cold medicients, such as Comtrex Day/Night Flue Therapy and Sudafed, and other products that include the common decongestant pseudoephedrine. Drugstores are keeping the medicines either in the pharmacy section or behind the cash register counter so they can collect the mandated information."
    • ARTICLE: Breast cancer: A brighter outlook,Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007, page 7 [subscription required]
      "Studies suggest that discontinuing estrogen therapy may stop the growth of emerging breast tumors…." Simple steps to reduce risk include "regular moderate physical activity" and reducing red meat and fat consumption.
    • ARTICLE: Wake-up call: fast, healthy breakfasts,Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007, page 10 [subscription required]
      Details the importance of breakfast and includes basic nutritional information such as a listing of high fiber cereals "General Mills Cheerios, General Mills Total, Post Original Shredded Wheat, Quaker Instant Oatmeal (regular flavor) and Weetabix" and suggestions for quick and tasty breakfasts.
    • ARTICLE: Tip of the month-My favorite insomnia treatment is a glass of milk before bed. Does this really work?, Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007, page 12 [subscription required]
      "Milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which the body converts into the sleep-promoting substance seotonin…. In contrast, complex carbs from whole grains may actually hinder sleep…."
    • ARTICLE: OnYourMind (Q&A),Consumer Reports on Health, Volume 19 Number 4, April 2007, page 12 [subscription required] Contains a small note about a new drug varenicline (Chantix) which eases cigarett cravings "While the side effects reported for varenicline are relatively mild, the drug is too new to judge its safety definitively."
    • ARTICLE: No Six-Packs Here, Please- Seniors looking to hit the gym now have options that go beyond battling it out with the hard bodies, By Betsy Streisand, 6/3/07
    • ARTICLE: Bingo and patient back-up prove life enhancing, By Nicholas Timmins, Financial Times, 02-Jul-2008 Suggest that wellness "programmes pay for themselves, not just by improving health and reducing day to day medication, but by reducing the number of costly hospital stays."
    • ARTICLE: Qualify for Life Insurance After Illness, Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Tuesday, August 1 2006
    • VIDEO: Kiplinger Interview- Senior healthcare scams- Medicare Advantage



    Planning Ahead Guide

    The New York State Bar Association Planning Ahead Guide is provided to all attorneys as a courtesy of the New York State Bar Association and outlines the steps a lawyer must take to protect his or her clients in the event of a sudden inability to continue in practice.


  • information on how to check your credit report for free
  • ARTICLE: Lost Cellphone? Your Carrier Has Your Backup , By Katherine Boehret, Wall Street Journal, 2/25/09
  • ARTICLE: Tricks to Keep Burglars Away From Your Home, Former jewel thief reveals his secrets, By Walter T. Shaw, Special from Bottom Line/Personal, September 15, 2008
  • ARTICLE: 6 Tips to Avoid Senior Scams, By Sharon O'Brien,
  • ARTICLE: Tips to Avoid Financial Aid Scams, a Census Scam and a Bank of America Phishing Scam,
  • ARTICLE: Avoid Phone & Mail Scams, Senior Brigade, A Michigan Seniors Initiative (PDF)
  • VIDEO: Kiplinger Interview-Senior healthcare scams - Medicare Advantage




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