Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law

Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law Mission Statement

Dated: July 11, 2007

The Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law seeks to protect the public against the unlawful practice of law in areas relating to interests in real property. Toward that end, the committee takes part in the following and similar activities:

  • examines practices by corporations, individuals or others not admitted to the bar that may violate the relevant provisions of the New York State Judiciary Law and related statutes, rules or regulations;
  • educates members of the Section, the Association and the general public with respect to the appropriate role of lawyers and non-lawyers in real estate transactions;
  • monitors and recommends changes in the definition of the practice of law as it relates to interests in real property, the proper role of non-lawyers, and the penalties for unlawful practice;
  • maintains liaison with the Association’s Special Committee on the Unlawful Practice of Law, local bar association UPL committees, and the New York State Attorney General with respect to issues and practices of concern to Section members.

The committee generally holds in-person meetings at the Section’s summer and annual meetings with additional meetings held, as needed, via telephone conference. Members are also encouraged to communicate with the committee upstate and/or downstate co-chairs at any time.