Health Law Section Legislation

SFCA Proposed Regulations 12/5/2019 - deadline 12/9 COB

Although the deadline for comments is quickly approaching (our apologies - we missed this when it was released), we wanted to draw attention to the proposed AG regulations that would make substantive and in some cases significant changes to NY's version of the FCA.

Since it is likely that Reimbursement, Enforcement and Compliance committee members (and possibly other sections of the NYSBA) are likely split on these proposed changes, the Health Law Section will not be submitting comments.  We did, however, want you to be aware of the proposed changes and deadline in case anyone wanted to submit their own comments.  The return date is Saturday December 7 which means one has until COB on the next succeeding work date, or Monday December 9 to make comments.

Most of the information can be found by clicking through the identified links on the OAG Web site:

In addition, you can find the information on the proposed Rule in the State Reg, starting at page 19: