Private Investment Funds Subcommittee

The private investment fund industry has gone through some transformative years since the beginning of the financial crisis with many funds closing down, restructuring or changing the terms of their offerings and manner of operation. Private investment funds are facing a rapidly changing regulatory framework, increased enforcement actions by federal and state agencies, as well as enhanced investor scrutiny and demands for more investor-friendly investment terms.

The mission of the Private Investment Funds Subcommittee is to closely track developments and emerging trends in the industry. The subcommittee will monitor the adoption of new rules and regulations and pending proposals for reform. It will also monitor the emergence of new industry standards and best practices in respect of fund formation and operations. The subcommittee expects to meet on a quarterly basis, its inaugural meeting being held in March of 2011. Participants will include law-firm and in-house practitioners representing both hedge fund and private equity/VC fund managers and investors.

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