Competition Chronicles E-Newsletter

This newsletter is published by the four committees of the Antitrust Law Section:  The Class Action Committee; the Vertical Restraints Committee; the Horizontal Restraints Committee, and the Merger Committee.  The Antitrust Law Section formed the committees in early 2011 to expand the activities of the Section and to offer additional opportunities for Section members to participate in the Section’s activities.  All members of the Antitrust Law Section are invited to join the committees.

The newsletter will be published several times throughout the year.  Each edition will include brief summaries of recent decisions issued by New York courts and regulatory agencies that are relevant to antitrust law.  Each newsletter will also include several longer thought pieces on a current antitrust law issue.  Comments on the newsletter are welcome and should be submitted to the committee Chairs.

Past E-Newsletters: 

Winter 2011 Edition

Spring 2012 Edition

Winter 2013 Edition

Fall 2014 Edition

Fall 2015 Edition

Fall 2017 Edition