Protecting Your Practice

Insurance Considerations and Risk Management for Attorneys in New York

Incorporating sound management procedures into you everyday routine from the time you first begin the practice of law – before the bad habits are learned – is one of the most important ways you can control the level of stress that comes with the occupation. Sound risk management practices can dramatically decrease the possibility of the preventable malpractice claim or grievance. 

Take advantage of comprehensive, competitive insurance programs available through our exclusive insurance administrator, USI Affinity. USI Affinity offers a broad spectrum of insurance products for NYSBA members, their firms, and their employees – ranging from Individual Life, Disability, Auto & Home . . . to Lawyers’ Professional Liability . . . Group Medical & Prescription Drug, and more.

Insurance Programs for NYSBA Members

Through your membership with the New York State Bar Association, you have access to the New York State Bar Association Insurance Program, administered by USI Affinity, with exclusive insurance and benefit solutions not available to the general public. This includes an exclusive lawyers’ professional liability offering to protect New York attorneys against legal malpractice claims, now with a NEW 5% Bar Association Member Credit, per attorney. The program also offers other business coverages, healthcare benefits and personal coverages.

USI Affinity has been the endorsed insurance broker for the New York State Bar Association for more than 50 years, and one of the leading administrators of Bar Association insurance programs across the country. With over five decades of experience in lawyers' professional liability insurance and more than 30,000 attorneys insured, USI Affinity has the expertise and market leverage to design comprehensive and innovative insurance and benefits packages for New York law firms, with unique advantages in coverage, price and service.

Available products include lawyers' professional liability, medical and dental plans, business insurance, and life, disability and long term care. 

New York State Bar Association Insurance Program with USI Program Information
Checklist for Purchasers of Professional Liability Insurance
Practical Tips When Applying for Professional Liability Insurance

CLE Programs on Risk Management

Attorney Discipline and Risk Management for Lawyers 2019 | 1.0 Ethics
See Full Program and Faculty here

Risk Management for Lawyers 2017 | 4.0 Ethics
Program Faculty: Marian C. Rice, Esq. | Greg Cooke | Janice J. DiGennaro, Esq. | Matthew K. Flanagan, Esq. | Brett A. Scher, Esq.

Earn 4.0 MCLE Ethics credits while getting up-to-date tips from experienced practitioners and consultants. 

Designed for all practicing attorneys regardless of their level of expertise, this program will offer practical tips to help improve your practice and lessen the possibility of a malpractice claim or grievance. The program includes an overview of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct, disciplinary rules, recent developments and cases of interest. Participants in this program will receive a 7.5% credit toward their CNA Lawyers' Professional Liability premium.  Please note that the 7.5% credit is per attorney participating in the program regardless of status (open to full-time, part-time and moonlighting attorneys). 

Program Topics
• Competency in Area of Practice & Insurance Considerations 
• Recognizing and Handling Conflicts of Interest – Proper Client Intake 
• Effective Client Relations and Resolving Attorney-Client Disputes 
• Relations with Others, Including Partners and Non-Clients 
• Insurance Considerations, including the Appropriate Coverage and the Importance of Proper and Timely Notice  

Reasons to Purchase this Program
- Earn 4.0 Ethics credits 
- Learn about standardization of engagement, non-engagement and disengagement letters 
- Learn about malpractice insurance considerations and purchasing the appropriate coverage 
- Learn about dangers in office sharing and implied partnerships 
- Includes a segment on conflicts of interest 

Managing Your Cyber Practice 2017 | 1.0 Areas of Professional Practice
Program Faculty: Marc M. Natale | Jillian L. McNeil, Esq.

Understanding Your Malpractice Insurance Policy/Coverage | .05 Ethics
Program Faculty: Marian C. Rice, Esq. | Lana James-Moore

Legal Malpractice 2017 | 4.0 MCLE Credits
Program Faculty: Brian Baney, Esq. | Jonathan Bruno, Esq. | Alexandra Fridel, Esq. | A. Michael Furman, Esq. | Jason Joslyn, Esq. | Colleen McNicholas, Esq. | Elizabeth Mulligan, Esq. | Harold Neher | Marian C. Rice, Esq. | Michael S. Ross, Esq. | Brett Scher, Esq. | Philip Touitou 

Legal Malpractice 2019 | 3.0 Ethics, 1.0 Law Practice Management
Program Faculty: A Michael Furman, Esq. | Scott W. Bush, Esq. | Nicole M. Marlow-Jones, Esq. | James Bradley, Esq. | Karen Kruidenier | Mike Mooney | Andrew R. Jones, Esq. | Crystal Ivy, Esq. | Rachel Aghassi, Esq. 

NYSBA Lawyer Assistance Program | 1-800-255-0569

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The New York State Bar Association Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) provides education and confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, law school students, and immediate family members who are affected by the problem of substance abuse, stress, depression or other mental health issues.  Its goal is to assist in the prevention, early identification and intervention of problems that can affect professional conduct and quality of life. 

On April 10, 2010 the New York State Bar Association's  House of Delegates and Executive Committee approved a Model Policy to assist bar associations, law firms and other legal departments in addressing impairment issues.