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Clio is a legal practice management program that is optimized to meet the needs of solo practitioners and small firms. Cloud-hosted, secure and easy-to-use, Clio keeps your valuable practice data at your fingertips and frees you of your office server.

Clio - NYSBA Member Testimonial:

"Clio is an awesome cloud based billing software solution that helps you figure out how well your firm is doing. It's a one stop shop for your back office.” Daniel Gershburg, Esq., Gershburg Law Firm, New York, NY  

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Members receive free and unlimited access to the following libraries: N.Y. Court of Appeals, A.D. Decisions, Misc. Decisions, N.Y. Consolidated Laws, N.Y.C.R.R., N.Y.S. Constitution, U.S. Code, 2d Circuit Decisions, and Supreme Court Decisions. 

Plus, you get an 80% discount off the regular price of $995 (that means you pay just $195 per year) on unlimited access to the full Fastcase law library which includes all Federal and State research libraries. And for NYSBA’s newly admitted attorney members: you get free access to the full Fastcase research libraries for your first two years after you are admitted.

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Receive a 6-month free trial of LawPay preferred payment solution.

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USI Affinity Sponsored Insurance Program offers a broad spectrum of insurance products for NYSBA members, their firms, and their employees - ranging from Individual Life, Disability, Auto & Home…to Lawyers' Professional Liability…to group Medical & Prescription Drug, and more. Click here to access a USI contact list which will help put you in touch with the correct USI representative to discuss policy needs and options.

USI - NYSBA Member Testimonial:

"To my fellow New York State Bar Association Members:

After being an associate and of counsel in large law firms for almost 18 years, I decided to become a solo practitioner. At that time, now eight years ago, I used a broker recommended by a friend and went through the process of purchasing professional malpractice liability insurance - something I was not at all familiar with and that I did not need to address during my years at my former law firms. This year I encountered a problem in renewing my policy with the broker I had been using, and was facing an urgent time issue so that my policy would not lapse. Since I am a member of the NYS Bar Association, I turned to USI for assistance. I was extremely fortunate to find Lana James-Moore at USI. She was able to turn an extremely stressful experience around and my policy was successfully renewed without delay. Lana was a true professional, an advocate, courteous, and comforting every single step of the way. I could not possibly thank her enough for assisting me. I would urge all attorneys requiring insurance to go to the best source that truly understands the needs of attorneys and that call should be made to Lana James-Moore at USI." Bea Grossman, Esq., Grossman Law, PLLC, Rockville Centre, NY

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Market Insights on Lawyers' Professional Liability
A Whitepaper from USI Affinity:

Lawyers professional liability is a specialized line of insurance with emerging risks and exposures that can leave both large and small firms susceptible to financial harm. Although eliminating all risk is beyond the reach of even the most disciplined and well run practice, there are certain steps attorneys and law firms can take to create a focused and proactive risk management plan.

This following whitepaper provides some market insights into a few essential risk management tools and highlights two specific areas of practice that are seeing significant increased claims experience.”