Managing Partners Conference Series

The Managing Partners Conference Series programs are designed to provide educational, networking and leadership opportunities for managing partners and law firm leaders. The Managing Partners Board of Advisors is made up of 60+ practicing Attorneys from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas. To view the full roster, click here

Managing Partners Conference Program Chairs
Marian C. Rice, Esq. | L'Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini, LLP
Craig S. Brown, Esq. | Bridgeline Solutions

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The 2020 Managing Partners Conference:

Managing Partners Round Table Panel | Annual Meeting | "LPM Day" 20/20 Vision
Thursday, January 29, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Craig S. Brown, Esq. | Daniel S. Connolly, Esq. | Louis P. DiLorenzo, Esq. | Joel S. Hirschtritt, Esq. | Marc A. Landis, Esq. | Richard J.J. Scarola, Esq. | Ronald H. Shechtman, Esq. 

The 2018 Managing Partners Conference: 

Managing Partners Round Table: Emerging Technologies for Lawyers
3.0 MCLE Credits | This program will include and overview of hot topics in technology for lawyers as well as information on how law firms can prevent cyber attacks.

The 2017 Managing Partners Conference Series:

Managing Partners Conference - Part One
No MCLE Credit | Part one of the four part series focuses on what can a managing partner do to keep his/her partners happy and incentivized, proper compensation plans for partners and other non-comp measures. 

Managing Partners Conference - Part Two
1.5 MCLE Credits | Part two of the four part series focuses on business development and strategies for motivating senior partners to transition their work, clients, and networking contacts to other firm members. 

Managing Partners Conference - Part Three
1.5 MCLE Credits | Part three of the four part series focuses on how mid-sized and specialty firms can survive and thrive in this day and age and methods to hire and retain a diverse group of associates and partners. 

Managing Partners Conference - Part Four 
1.5 MCLE Credits | Part four of the four part series focuses on planning the orderly succession of firm governance and the orderly transition of clients from senior partners to other members of the firm.

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