Local and State Government Law Curriculum

The purpose of the Local and State Government Law Section shall be to serve, educate and provide a common meeting ground and impartial forum for those attorneys, whether in the public or private sector engaged in dealing in any capacity with issues in local or state government law. The Section shall carry forward the work of the New York State Bar Association by:

(a)   Providing a common meeting ground and impartial forum for those members of the Bar who are engaged in dealing with problems in local and state government law in any capacity;

(b)   Furthering a better understanding of local and state government law through the holding of meetings and seminars, the making of studies, surveys and analysis and the dissemination of current information concerning judicial decisions, legislation and other matters of interest to attorneys practicing local and state government law;

(c)   Formulating and submitting to the members of the Section and the Association, such reports and recommendations as may be deemed useful to the profession and advisable in the public interest;

(d)   Reviewing pending legislation and promoting or opposing the same in the name of the Section (or one of its committees) and, whenever in its judgment necessary or appropriate, initiating legislation;

(e)   Furthering the public interest through the practice of local and state government law; and

(f)   Furthering access to justice through the promotion of voluntary participation in regional and local pro bono programs.

Recorded Programs
New York Fair Trial Free Press Conference (2018)
Imagining the Internet of Things: Legal and Regulatory Challenges to Integrating Our Society (2018)
The Freedom of Information and the Open Meetings Law (2018)
Suing or Defending a Municipality | An Overview of the Notice of Claim Form
Municipal Law 101
Special Education Law 101 | School Law
Real Property Tax Assessment Litigation and Appeals (2018)
 Administrative Hearings Before NYS Agencies (2012) 

Legal Careers in New York State Government - 10th Edition
Professor Patricia E. Salkin
Daniel Gross, Esq.
D'vora Koelling

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