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Strategic Networking Events: Sail Through Networking Events
Strategic Networking Events: Intangibles, Like Body Language, Matter

Strategic Networking Events: How Stale Is Your Contact List?


Life as In-House Counsel: How to Get There and What to Expect
Lawyers in Compliance


How to Make a Career Pivot


Consider Networking a Strategy, Not a Tactic
Designing a Sustainable Career: Decision-Making Strategies to Navigate Your Career Evolution
Storytelling for Lawyers: The Little Engine that Could
Taking Care of Your Well-Being
2016 NYSBA Career Development Conference


The Contract Lawyer: Do's and Don'ts
New Law Models: Changing the Way Lawyers Practice
Finding Bliss: Innovative Legal Models for Happy Clients & Happy Lawyers
Finding a Job in the Suburbs
2015 NYSBA Career Development Conference


Careers in Compliance | An Introduction to Compliance Careers in Financial Services and Health Care
Finding Your Path to Success: Moving Forward through Mentorship, Sponsorship and Career Path Planning
Finding a Job You Love with the JD You Have
Using your JD to Your Advantage: Non-Traditional Career Paths
Considering Next Steps: Proactive Career and Lifelong Planning for Baby Boomers
Refocusing Your Transition Strategies
Alternative Legal Careers for Lawyers
Finding Happiness and Passion in the Law: The Keys to Creating Career Success
2014 Career Development Conference


Mastering Phone, Behavioral and Non-Conventional Interviews
Marketing Yourself to Small Law Firms
Building Your Personal Brand
Mock Interviewing Panel - Lawyers in Transition
How to Avoid a "Funk" While in Transition
How to Make Temp or Contract Work Work for You
Life As An In-House Lawyer
Alternative Careers for Lawyers
What You Need to Know About Participating in the Lawyer Referral Service
2013 Career Development Conference


How To Find Your First Legal Job After Law School
Making Transitions Later in Your Career
How To Find a Non-Profit Job
Mock Interviewing Panel
How To Approach Your Employer About Flexibility, Leave or Other Special Needs
Re-Entering the Legal Profession
Finding a Public Service Job
Alternative Careers for Lawyers
2012 Career Development Conference
Tax Issues Facing Lawyers in Transition


Avoiding the Funk
Setting Up Your Home Office
Attorney Websites and Marketing
Mock Interviewing Demonstration and Discussion


Law & Reorder
Community Law Work - You Can Do It Too!
Opening Your Own Firm
We Are Our Stories: Small Changes, Big Impacts
Attorney Employment Outlook 2010 and Beyond
Navigating the New Economy


SpeedReaching Interviewers
NYSBA Lawyer Assistance Program
Think Small!
Social Media Basics for Networking Attorneys
Make Your Contacts Count
The Next Wave
Crafting Your Resume for Today's Market
Comeback Lawyers: Selling Yourself & Using Flexibility