Labor and Employment Law Section Meeting Papers and Materials

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act
The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) - By Simeon Goldman, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)

Collective Bargaining--- Public Sector
Government Consolidations and the Taylor Law: Cooperate, Litigate, or Legislate? - By Matthew Bergeron, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)
Government Mergers and Consolidations - By Terry O'Neil, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Disability Law
Disability Rights Law for Labor & Employment Attorneys in New YorkBy Mark Leeds, Esq., July 2017 
Learning When and How to Accommodate Learning Disabilities in the Workplace
- By Loren Gesinsky, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Emergency Ethics: To Disclose or Not to Disclose, That Is the Question - By Laura Harshbarger, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
The Beginning and the End -- Scope and Termination [of Representation] - By Daniel Wirtz, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)
Ethical Issues in Terminating a Client -- Lawyer Relationship
- By John Gaal, Esq., Cara Greene, Esq., and Laura Harshbarger, Esq., January 2011 (pdf)
Contingency Retainers and Multiple Parties: Problems and Pitfalls
- By Mariann Meier Wang, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)"(Includes Sample Retainer Documents)

Genetic Discrimination
A Primer on Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 ("GINA") and Its Implementing Regulations - By Heather Giambra, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)

Joint Employment and Co-Employment
Who's the Boss? Co-, Joint and Other Complicated Private and Public Sector Employment Relationships - By Rachel Bien, Esq. and Rich Zuckerman, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)


Immigration Basics for Expats and Secondees - By Marcela Bermudez, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Structuring Expatriate Postings - By Renata Neeser, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

National Labor Relations Act
Recent Acting General Counsel Initiatives and Current Issues Before the NLRB - By Karen Fernbach, Esq., and James Paulsen, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
Specialty Healthcare: The NLRB's Answer to Organized Labor's Struggle for New Members - By Peter Conrad, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
The NLRB and Social Media: BFF? - By Barnett Horowitz, September 2012 (pdf)

NY Court of Appeals
Summary of 2014 Labor and Employment Law Decisions from the Court of Appeals, by Philip Maier, Esq. 
Summary of 2013 Labor and Employment Decisions from the Court of Appeals, by Philip Maier, Esq., and Kasey Baker, Esq.

Public Sector --- Speech and Discipline Issues
The Fall Out from Garcetti: How Has the Decision Affected Public Employee Discipline? - By Beth Bourassa, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
Taylor Law Speech Issues
- By John Crotty, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)

Trade Secrets, Non-Compete Provisions, and Employee Duty of Loyalty
Theft of a Trade Secret Is Now a Federal Crime - By Ethan Brecher, Esq., May 2007 (pdf)
Representing the Departing Employee and Recent Decisions of Interest
- By Arnold Pedowitz, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
Restrictive Covenants: Limits and Enforcement - By Sheryl Galler, Esq., March 2013 (pdf)

Wage and Hour
Recent Developments Impacting New York Wage and Hour Practitioners - By Wendy Butler, Esq., January 2013 (pdf)

Whistleblower Protection - By Beth Bourassa, Esq., September 2012 (pdf)
Whistleblower Claims Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: The New Landscape - By Jill Rosenberg, Esq. and Renee Phillips, Esq., September 2011 (pdf)