Samuel M. Kaynard Memorial Student Service Awards

The purpose of the awards is to enable New York State Law Schools to recognize excellence among their law students in the area of labor and employment law and to cultivate the relationship between the Labor and Employment Law Section and future labor and employment practitioners.

Presented by: Labor and Employment Law Section

Contact: Cathy Teeter

2019 Nomination Deadline Extended: October 28, 2019 

Date Presented: January Annual Meeting 

Award Criteria: All law school students. Student(s) must be nominated by a dean, professor or attorney. Direct student applications will not be considered. 

The Award is intended to encourage scholarship and exemplary service in the field of Labor and Employment Law. The Award is made by the law school to the student(s) in recognition of an extraordinary accomplishment in the field, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Organizing and/or conducting programs at any educational level conducive to the propagation of labor and employment knowledge and skills
  2. Outstanding performance in a labor or employment course, clinical experience, project, internship or related activity such as: a collective bargaining simulation grant proposal to research labor and employment issues, curricular revision, or other exposition on the subject;*
  3. Facilitating conflict resolution or peer mediation programs for elementary or secondary school students;
  4. Utilizing the internet and its components (e.g. World Wide Web/e-mail) to disseminate or receive labor and employment information; 
  5. A substantial action or activity in furtherance of labor and employment law, performed or instituted in the year of this competition.

Prize Awarded: First prize $3,000, Second Prize $2,000, Third Prize $1,000.