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Message from the President | Diversifying the Legal Profession: A Moral Imperative
Hank Greenberg

Message from the Section Chair
Hermes Fernandez

Regular Features

In the New York State Courts
Leonard M. Rosenberg

In the Legislature
James W. Lytle

In the New York State Agencies
Francis J. Serbaroli and Caroline B. Brancatella

New York State Fraud, Abuse and Compliance Developments
Edited by Melissa M. Zambri

In the Law Journals
Edited by Cassandra DiNova

For Your Information
Claudia O. Torrey

Featured Articles

Legislative Alert: The Ban on Unauthorized Pelvic Exams
Phoebe Friesen, Roshni D. Persaud, Robin Fretwell Wilson

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too? New York State Proposes “Limited Establishment” for Hospitals and Other Article 28 Facilities
Ivette Sanchez

Public Health v. Law Enforcement: A Second Century of Harm Reduction

Jonathan B. Karmel and Howard A. Zucker

A Child’s Right to Consent to Medical Treatment
Erin E. Kilmer

Compulsory Vaccination: An Unknown Line
Nathan Jones

Juvenile Rights in Making Independent or Supported Medical Decisions for Themselves: Reconciling the Law for Determining Competency and Capacity
Jerry L. Lynch

The Measles Epidemic and the Law
Francis J. Serbaroli

HANYS’ Summary of 2019 State Legislation of Significant Interest

Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions for Unbefriended Nursing Home Residents: Application of a Clinical Ethics Algorithm in Conjunction With the MOLST Form
Howard J. Finger, Cheryl A. Dury, Giorgio Sansone, Sherry Humphrey, and Nancy Neveloff Dubler

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The Health Law Journal features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of health law on various topics including the Family Health Care Decisions Act, HIPAA, nursing homes, managed care, mental health, medical ethics, and long-term care. Also included are regular features on recent cases, legislation and publications, as well as updates on Section activities. Edited by Robert N. Swidler, Esq., the Health Law Journal is published by the Health Law Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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