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Environmental LAW ANNUAL MEETING: friDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016

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Navigating the Challenges of the Clean Water Rule
Presented by Philip M. Bein, Esq., Kathy Robb, Esq., Reed Super
John Parker, Esq, Moderator

Trends in Urban Environmental Criminal Enforcement
Presented by Lt. Liza Bobseine, Michael S. Bogin, Esq., Hugh L. McLean, Esq.
Susan H. Brailey, Esq., Moderator

New York Solar Energy Law - Part One: New York State Solar Policy and Law
Presented by Noah Shaw, Esq., David Sandbank
Dan Chorost, Esq., Moderator 

New York Solar Energy Law - Part Two: Current Solar Legal Issues
Presented by Jessica A. Bacher, Esq., Devin McDougall, Esq., Leo Wiegman
Nicholas M. Ward-Willis, Esq., Moderator

Biblical Origins of Environmental Law Ethics
Presented by Lawrence P. Schnapf, Esq.
Alita J. Guida, Moderator


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