In-House Counsel Committee

The mission of the In-House Counsel Committee is to provide a forum where in-house counsel from entertainment/media, arts, and sports companies can share information and best practices, as well as address the unique opportunities, challenges and substantive issues that face attorneys practicing in-house including: (A) integration of the legal function into the framework of the company at large (and specifically the effective integration of the legal function into creative frameworks), (B) effective and efficient use of outside counsel, (C) the analysis of entertainment/media and arts related legislative issues, (D) the oft times blurred line between business and legal affairs, and (E) various other issues that are specific to the practice in the entertainment/media, arts and sports contexts.

The Committee also plans to develop a “sounding board” environment for in-house attorneys akin to that which exists in the law firm context.  This environment will provide “open source” information about this genre of practice that is meant to be paid forward through the free flow of advice and guidance amongst the in-house peers participating in this Committee just as attorneys would do associate-to-associate, partner-to-partner and so forth in a law firm setting.

The Committee’s Objectives:

  • Create a database of “resources” for in-house entertainment attorneys
  • Sponsor programs focusing on identified topics of interest for this group (ie how to manage legal services budgets most efficiently and effectively, how to be a “creative” lawyer in a creative environment, how to become a part of your creative colleagues teams, etc.)

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