Ethics Committee

As part of its mission, the EASL Ethics Committee addresses ethics issues encountered by attorneys in their day-to-day practice in the diverse fields of entertainment, art and sports law in the context of the recently adopted “New York Rules of Professional Conduct.”  As the legal profession enters a new and more “global” decade, lawyers are facing challenging questions – having local, national and international dimensions – where the line between the “practice” of law and the “business” of law can, at times, become somewhat blurred. 

In order to provide general guidance and a further understanding of these significant ethics issues, the EASL Ethics Committee will organize a series of informal discussions and formal Continuing Legal Education ethics programs to discuss multi-faceted ethics questions, such as trans-jurisdictional lawyering, the unauthorized practice of law and multi-disciplinary practices; Will provide monthly email ethics updates addressing new and informative case law, ethics opinions and rule changes affecting EASL Members; and Will seek to provide, where appropriate, timely and relevant, EASL’s unique perspective and guidance to other New York State Bar Association Committees, such as the Committee on Professional Discipline and the Committee on Standards of Attorney Conduct, that continually review and analyze the rules, regulations and statutes that govern lawyers, as well as procedural rules within the disciplinary system.

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