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The Website Committee, chaired by Joan Hogarth and Dr. Cheryl Agris who work on making sure that the website is a useful resource for members of the DR section. The website offers a wealth of information and we invite you to explore it and visit it often. 

The website enables DR section members to “meet” the Section leaders and contact them directly with suggestions for future activities, questions and requests to get involved. A web site calendar lists the CLE programs and all of the Section’s committee meetings (all of which are open to all members of the section). The member directory enables section members to find and contact one another.  Archives of the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer are available for research and review. Section reports are published on the website for review by all.  Minutes of Executive Committee meetings are posted so members can find out what activities are planned and what progress has been made on Section projects.  The upcoming addition of Lois Law will provide a free resource with up to date case developments in the field. 

There is a new "Dispute Resolution Section Resource Guide"  where you can obtain  and review accessible lists of Dispute Resolution Resources in the Greater New York Area --- training programs, mediation and arbitration panels, professional organizations, and more.  This has been prepared by students of the Cardozo Dispute Resolution Society. 
There is also a "Resource Library" to assist members with research, which includes  but not limited to, providing the Rules of the ADR Program in New York County; Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators; Proposed Uniform Mediation Act; and more.

The website is a work "in progress" and is continually being updated.  We welcome your suggestions as to how to make it even better.

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