International Mediation (Subcommittee of International Dispute Resolution Committee)

The International Mediation Subcommittee was created in 2013 and is intended to support the activities of the Dispute Resolution Section related to international mediation.  It is designed to work closely with and is a joint subcommittee of the Mediation Committee and the International Dispute Resolution Committee.  

The term “international mediation” is understood to include the following matters, among others: 1) cross border disputes between and among private parties, NGO’s, government agencies, etc.; 2) cross cultural disputes which involve parties of different heritage who may or may not live in the same country; 3) cross border disputes between governments of nation states; and 4) disputes between one or more governments and ethnic groups within or without their national territory(ies).

Its initial activity is expected to include a program in New York involving representatives of one or more other countries’ mediation centers. Program topics may include: 1) enhancing awareness by representatives of overseas dispute resolution centers, overseas counsel and in-house counsel of multinational corporations of international mediation resources in New York ;  2) developing cooperative relations and opportunities for collaboration by the Dispute Resolution Section with various  centers;  3) programs to sensitize US and foreign mediators and party counsel to cultural issues, including issues in Western/Asian communication;  4) legal  issues in cross border mediation between private parties; 5) training for UN and governmental representatives in mediating disputes between nation states and or nation states and ethnic groups; 6)  enhancing public awareness and  understanding of the multifaceted role and value of international mediation; and 7) expanding and enhancing  programs of the Mediation Committee and International Dispute Resolution Committee related to international mediation.

The International Mediation Subcommittee expects to provide assistance to the Dispute Resolution Section in its development of the Section’s mediation training programs to include cross–cultural issues and various aspects of international mediation.

The Subcommittee will also contribute to the Section’s Journal and produce materials to inform members of NYSBA and others of its activities and of the scope and purpose of international mediation.  Because of the scope of its intended activities, it especially invites membership participation from the International, Business, Litigation and Corporate Counsel Sections.  

Carolyn E. Hansen and Hui Liu are the co-chairs of this subcommittee. 

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