Dispute Resolution Section Diversity Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are DRS Diversity Scholarships?

In 2020, the Dispute Resolution Section of the NY State Bar Association (“DRS”) will award a maximum of 5 mediation training scholarships and 5 arbitration training scholarships each year, to encourage greater opportunities for minorities and women in the field of dispute resolution.

What do DRS Diversity Scholarship Recipients Receive?
The scholarships give recipients the following benefits:  

  • Enrollment at no charge in either (1) three-day Mediation Training offered annually by DRS and the Supreme Court, NY County/Nassau County, or, subject to DRS approval, other mediation training offered outside the NY Metropolitan Area) or (2) the three-day Arbitration Training offered annually by DRS and the American Arbitration Association
  • Free one-year membership in the DRS (and the NY State Bar Association if recipient is not a member), entitling recipients to a host of benefits including
    • Opportunity to join and become active in one or more Section committees
    • Discounted registration fees for DRS programs and events
    • Receiving the DRS publication “The Dispute Resolution Lawyer; ”
  • Guidance and advice from an experienced neutral to be assigned to the recipient

Who is Eligible for the Scholarships?
Anyone admitted to the bar in New York may apply for the scholarships, although preference will be given to minority and female applicants.

What are the Criteria for Awarding the Scholarships?

Applicants will be judged based on their professional background and demonstrated interest in the field of dispute resolution.

Is Financial Hardship a Requirement for Receiving a Scholarship?

The application asks whether applicants have financial need, which will be one of the factors taken into account by the DRS in awarding the scholarships.  

Are Non-Diverse Attorneys with Financial Need Eligible for Tuition Assistance to Attend the Trainings?

Any attorney with genuine financial need may apply to the NYSBA for tuition assistance to attend programs.   Contact Lara Nowicki for more information.

How do I apply for the Diversity Scholarship?

Please fill out the scholarship applications found here:

Diversity Scholarship Application for Mediation Training
Diversity Scholarship Application for Arbitration Training

Return completed application to Catherine Carl.

What is the Deadline for Applying and When are the Training Sessions Offered?

Applications are due by January 19, but depending on the number of applicants and scholarships awarded, applications received later may be considered.

Note:  The NYC mediation training is typically offered in March; the arbitration training is typically offered in late June.

In 2020 the 3-Day Commercial Mediation Training will be held on March 17-19 and the 3-Day Commercial Arbitration Training will be held on June 15-17. Click on the links to learn more!