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WINTER 2020 • Vol. 52, No. 1

A Look Back and Forward: From 40 Years of the Equitable Distribution Law to the Path Ahead
By Lee Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief

Parental Child Abduction: Prevention Is the Best Medicine
By Melissa A. Kucinski

Navigating the Matrimonial Preliminary Conference So You Don’t Sink the Ship
By Joel R. Brandes

Refusal to Remove Barriers to Remarriage: Did the Appellate Division Second Department Eliminate Economic Sanctions?
By Martin E. Friedlander and Nathan Lewin

Adoptee Rights and Society’s Changing Landscape
By Scott Connolly

Schonfeld v. Saucedo, Misapplication of Contract Doctrine to a Marital Agreement
By Elliott Scheinberg

Temporary Maintenance: The First Department Muddies the Waters
By Elliot Wiener

Recent Legislation, Cases and Trends in Matrimonial Law
By Wendy B. Samuelson

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The Family Law Review features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of family law on various topics including divorce, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, child custody and adoption. Also featured are Selected Cases and Recent Legislation, Decisions, and Trends. Edited by Lee Rosenberg, Esq., the Family Law Review is published by the Family Law Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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