Correction Memo #1 and Revisions

CORRECTION MEMO #1, DATED JANUARY 16, 2020  (Click here to print it)

REVISED PAGES from Correction Memo #1 - January 16, 2020
(The revisions in the following documents are identified in BOLD and UNDERLINED). 
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Table of Contents

Simplified Rules of Evidence (changes are on pages 38-R1 and 39-R1) - but print the whole section out due to repagination.

List of Stipulations


Morgan Thornberry Affidavit

Cameron Clark Affidavit

Prof. Jules Thompson Affidavit

Phoenix Jones Affidavit

Blair Overland Affidavit

Prof. Kaden Keller Affidavit

Exhibit - Big Tom's Reseller Notebook

Exhibit - FaceSpace Post

Exhibit - Facial Recognition Photos

NEWLY ADDED DOCUMENTS from Correction Memo #1 - January 16, 2020
(copies of all of the following have been added at the back of case booklet as well as being available at the links below)

Response to Subpoena for Scotty Carson

Exhibit - Google Search History on Phoenix Jones' Computer

Exhibit - Emery Rose Storage Unit Sales Receipt

Exhibit - Emery Rose CoinDomain Receipt

Exhibit - Denver Department of Public Safety Police Report

Exhibit - Square Sapphire Men's Ring

Exhibit - Tag Heuer Monaco Steve McQueen Men's Watch

Exhibit - Phoenix Jones Computer Sales Receipt

>>>Please note that the new Response to Subpoena of Scotty Carson and the new Exhibits for the 2020 case have been included at the back of the case booklet.  They are not inserted in the book with the other exhibits to avoid repaginating a large amount of material!