Wellness Resources

Wellness is a hot topic as of late and with good reason. Study after study are showing that taking care of one's state of mind and paying attention to one's mental and physical health staves off chronic illness, builds resiliency, provides clearer thinking, and increases positive feelings regarding work, home and personal situations. In other words, practicing wellness makes for better lawyers. Taking even a few minutes every day to meditate, journal, leave the office for a brisk walk, or even to connect with a friend or colleague for a non-work talk has been shown to have lasting benefits. There are numerous simple, often free, practices that can be incorporated in your daily routine that will help reduce stress and bring a bit of balance back into the day. Below are some resources to explore. 


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Headspace: a simple app that helps train the user regarding mindfulness and meditation techniques. Ten minutes a day is all that is required.

buddify: a meditation app that comes with numerous short guided meditations for situations such as waking up or waiting in line. 

Calm: a meditation app focused on sleep. Includes sleep stories and soundscapes to help the user relax and recharge. 

Noom: a very user friendly app to help with nutrition, diet, and weight loss through personalized plans and positive thinking exercises. 

Chopra Center Guided Meditation: a site with a dozen or so meditations that range from five minutes to one hour. Useful for beginners. 

Omega Institute's YouTube Channel; a number of guided meditations, lectures, and yoga practices to explore and try. 

Meditation Oasis: podcast with dozens of guided meditations.

meditation minis: short guided meditations to squeeze into your day. 


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