Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are present in nearly everyone's life. Attorneys are expected to be high functioning in the most stressful situations, never letting the pressure diminish their abilities. This continual stress and resulting anxiety creates numerous health and cognitive issues, and can result in burnout and depression. Anxiety disorder is a serious mental health concern and if your anxiety is impacting your ability to function normally, make an appointment to speak to your doctor or mental health treatment provider as soon as you can. If you are struggling with normal levels of anxiety, stress and overwhelm, below are some resources that you might find helpful. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, being outdoors, spending time with a dear friend or relative, or deeply engaging in a favorite activity like painting or reading are practices that have been shown to help reduce overall levels of stress and bring balance back to one's day. Incorporating these practices into your already busy schedule will take some work and habit building, but the benefits will pay off over time. 


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