Lawyer Assistance Program Services

The New York State Bar Association's Lawyer Assistance Program provides several important services to the legal community across upstate New York (north of Westchester County). The LAP provides:

  • voluntary monitoring services for attorneys facing grievance procedures and for those that are court ordered.
  • a helpline: 800.255.0569. It is staffed during normal business hours and monitored after hours. The helpline provides general assistance and referrals for therapists, treatment, support groups, and peer support. 
  • CLE and educational speakers, materials, and resources that can be incorporated into existing programming or as presented as stand alone programming. 
  • peer support from experienced volunteers.
  • materials and assistance to local bars and groups wishing to start up local Lawyers Helping Lawyers groups.
  • outreach to local and specialty bars, legal organization, firms, law schools, and legal organizations on topics such as substance use, mental health and attorney wellness.
  • the home program for the Lawyer Assistance Committee, the Judicial Wellness Committee, and the local Capital District Lawyers Helping Lawyers group.