Membership Cards

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NYSBA has released a new, redesigned membership card that creates a more convenient way for members to track their engagements with NYSBA and to access their benefits.

Need a new or replacement NYSBA membership card?

See instructions below for accessing your new or replacement card.

If your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged NYSBA will gladly replace your card free of charge! Don’t worry; only your name and membership number are associated with your membership card. No financial or sensitive personal data is associated with your card.

Connect with NYSBA

If you are having trouble accessing your card or have questions about your membership card, call our member resource center at 800.582.2452 or send an email to [email protected].

Your NYSBA membership benefits

Enhance the efficiency and lower the cost of your practice with special discount programs and offers for NYSBA members. From insurance and financial services to discounted office products, your NYSBA membership gets you dramatic savings on important services every practice needs. Learn more about your exclusive benefits at

Membership Card FAQs:

  • Why is the member since date incorrect?
    o The member since date included on your newly re-designed membership card is the continuous member since date included on your basic member record, which may be different than your join date. The join date and the continuous member since date could be different if there was a lapse in or change in membership designation/status.  Re-ordered cards will include the member join date instead of the continuous member since date.  
  • Why do the cards not include an expiration date?
    o The increased quality of the cards makes them more durable so they will last longer. The cards are meant to be our members’ permanent membership cards. However, members may request replacement cards whenever they are lost, destroyed or stolen free of charge. New members will receive cards, replacement cards may be re-ordered and members will receive new Platinum cards when they upgrade to Sustaining Membership. 
  • Why is there a QR code on the card?
    o QR codes are tied to member numbers/member records and may be used at NYSBA events and meetings where self-serve QR Kiosks are provided allowing our members the ease and convenience of printing their badges quickly. The QR codes on the newly re-designed membership cards are not meant to collect member data to share with third parties. The codes are meant to enhance our membership cards adding a technology aspect our members may find useful given their busy day-to-day lives. Instead of waiting in line members may print their badges at self-serve conveniently located QR Kiosks provided at our larger events like Annual Meeting.