NYSBA Contacts at a Glance

Main Number – 518.463.3200 or dial directly for

Bar Services (Bar Blast Notices; Bar Leaders Directory; Committee for Bar Leaders; Committee for Leadership Development) 
Mark Wilson 518.487.5540

Continuing Legal Education (Programs and Schedules; Law Practice Management)
Katherine Suchocki 518.487.5590

Governmental Relations
Ronald Kennedy 518.487.5652

Legal and Community Services
Stacey Whiteley 518.487.5688

Law, Youth and Citizenship
Kimberly Francis 518.487.5611

Pro Bono Services
Kristen Wagner 518.487.5640

Lawyer Referral and Information Services
Eva Valentin-Espinal 518.487.5700

Lawyer Assistance Program
Linda McMahon 518.487.5686

Marketing and Communications (NYSBA Journal; NYSBA Weekly; State Bar News)
Dan Weiller 518.487.5500

Member Resource Center (Order Fulfillment; Program Registration)
Jeremy Knickerbocker 518.487.5600 or 1.800.582.2452

Publications (General Practice Series; Reference Books) 
Daniel McMahon 518.487.5582

Sections and Meetings Services
Patricia B. Stockli 518.487.5584

Website (Online Communities; Social Media)
Brandon Vogel 518.487.5644