How I Practice-Diane Krausz

EASL-KrauszDiane Krausz
Entertainment Law
New York, NY

1. What are your areas of practice?
Mostly entertainment transactions. I have a background as an accountant. I do some real estate law, business/corporate law and business planning, as well as financial aspects of trusts and estates law.

2. Describe a typical day for you?
There is no typical day, but basically it’s a combo of assigning work to affiliates and supervising their work; working with clients. Sometimes, it’s working on month-to-month projects.

3. Where do you practice? Do you have a stand-alone office or home office?
I have a stand-alone office in Manhattan, which I have had for most of my career. I did have a home office for a few years.

4. What is the most rewarding thing about having your own practice?
The flexibility and being your own boss and getting to make your own decisions.

5. What are some of the challenges about having your own practice?
Cash flow, making decisions and not always having someone to talk to or share problems with.

6. What are your must-have tech tools/apps?
My computer, of course. I am on the Internet and email constantly. I stopped using a fax machine. I am trying to become literate in Quicken; I am somewhat old-fashioned. I am not on social media during the day.

7. How do you market your practice? How do you find new clients?
I am very involved in New York State Bar Association activities. I do writing when I can. I try to reach out to people as I can and I have a website. I find new clients mostly from referrals. I go to and speak at as many events as possible. 

8. When and where do you interact with other attorneys?
Mostly through NYSBA activities.

9. How do you stay informed with legal news/developments?
The best thing about being involved in EASL (NYSBA’s Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section) is it makes easy to stay current. There are other resources on the web that I visit and read on a regular basis.

10. If a fellow attorney decided they wanted to start their own practice, what is the one thing they should know?
They should really know their areas of specialty and who to market to. They need to be very clear about their business plan. I still struggle with that: how to market my areas of specialties to the right people.