Committee on Federal Legislative Priorities



The New York State Bar Association, through its various Sections and Committees has historically played an important role in advancing the law and reform on the federal level. Given the number of laws that Congress has been enacting that directly affect New York and its lawyers, the Association has been increasingly involved in the areas of tax, securities laws, antitrust laws, civil and criminal practice, intellectual property laws and health care. Of late, the House of Delegates has been considering adopting policies as well in some of these areas that are of great concern to members and the public.  

The Committee on Federal Legislative Priorities will identify and examine the establishment of an effective structure to address federal legislative priorities that will coordinate our efforts in Sections, Committees, the Executive Committee and in the House of Delegates by reviewing their respective by-laws and policies regarding federal legislation.

The Committee will address the types of federal issues that the Association should review and will develop, where appropriate, federal legislative priorities to be presented to and coordinated with the Committee on Legislative Priorities. In fulfilling its mission, the Committee shall consider ways in which to enhance the Association becoming a resource to legislators and their staff and the means by which to accomplish this (e.g., memoranda, reports, testimony and finding sponsors for legislation). In addition, the Committee shall identify Executive Committee members, section and committee leaders and past presidents who know members of Congress and develop a means to keep abreast of developments in the New York delegation.

The Committee shall prepare a report for the Executive Committee and the House of Delegates to consider.

In addition to the items listed above, the Committee also looked at areas related to its core mission, such as State Bar input into federal administrative rule making and federal court rule making.

Committee Roster

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