Judicial Wellness Committee

The Judicial Wellness Committee (JWC) is chaired by Hon. Jonah Triebwasser.

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View "A Terrible Melancholy: Depression in the Legal Profession."

A Terrible Melancholy: Depression in the Legal Profession. from New York State Bar Association on Vimeo.



Members of the JWC are encouraged to use the private online community established for the committee CLICK HERE


Statement of Purpose

The Judicial Wellness Committee (hereafter, Committee) seeks to foster a sense of community and care among the New York State Judiciary and to provide confidential assistance to impaired judges.  Committee membership is limited to judges only.  Recognizing that all judges are affected by the day to day stress of their work, the Committee shall encourage and assist regional groups of judges to develop education and outreach programs for their colleagues.  These groups will seek to foster mutual support among it members and to promote the concept of judicial wellness.

In furtherance of its purpose, the Committee shall also, among other things, formulate and recommend policies and procedures to assist judges in dealing with treatable mental illnesses such as addiction and depression.  Through its programs and conferences, it will assist judges in the identification of these impairments in themselves and others, and promote the rehabilitation of themselves and their colleagues in an environment of care and concern.