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Membership Application, ID Cards & Receipts
Automated Installment Plan
Dues Waiver Program
Everything New York Licensed Attorneys and Law Students Need to Know

Membership Application, ID Cards & Receipts 

If you wish to complete a printable application to email, fax or mail in, please visit: 2019 Membership Application.

ID Card & Receipts

Q: As either a new or renewing NYSBA member, when will I receive my new/updated membership ID card?
A: Your NYSBA membership identification card will be mailed to you within approximately six to eight weeks of either joining or renewing. You may contact NYSBA's Member Resource Center if you’d like to check on the status of your card: [email protected], 518.463.3200 or 800.582.2452. 

Q: Can I obtain a receipt for recent payment of NYSBA Membership dues?
A:  Simply e-mail your request to [email protected], or call NYSBA's Member Resource Center at 518.463.3200 or 800.582.2452. 

Automated Installment Plan (AIP)

Save time with direct payment - an easy, safe, and convenient way to pay your NYSBA membership dues!

NYSBA's Automated Installment Plan (AIP) enables NYSBA members to conveniently pay dues by credit card. By enrolling in this program, NYSBA members can make one full payment, two payments, three payments, or four payments directly from their credit card on or about the 25th of relative month(s) For more information, call NYSBA's Member Resource Center at 800.582.2452/518.463.3200.

An enrollment form is located on the back of your dues invoice.

Pay Later with NYSBA's Automated Installment Plan (AIP)

AIP Enrollment Form (PDF)

AIP Cancellation Form (PDF)

AIP Change Request Form (PDF)


Q: What is the Automated Installment Plan (AIP)?
A: AIP allows you to pay your dues in up to four (4) monthly installments, directly debited from your credit card account: 1, 2, 3 or 4 payments on or about the 25th of the relative month(s). All installment payments must be completed by April 30, 2016. Those opting into the installment payment program in December, January, February, or March of the current year may have their payments consolidated and accelerated to meet this requirement. The AIP payment process automatically renews each year, freeing you from having to resubmit your payment information each year.

Q: Who can sign up for AIP?
A: Individual NYSBA members who are responsible for paying their own membership fees can use AIP.

Q: What are the benefits of AIP?
A: Save time. Go green. No checks to write; no payments to mail; no late payments; no disruption in your membership. Also, breaking up your payments over a two or three month period may be easier on your budget.

Q: How do I sign up for AIP?
A: The following AIP enrollment options are available:

  1. Download the AIP Enrollment Form (PDF) above, or contact NYSBA’s Member Resource Center at 800.582.2452/518.463.3200 to request a form. Return with your signature to: Member Resource Center, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207, or fax to 518.463.5993.
  2. AIP enrollment forms are also included on the back of annual membership invoices and may be submitted in the return envelope provided.

Q: How will I know when a payment is made or how much was paid? Will I get an invoice?
A: NYSBA will send you a notice of your payment deduction. Deductions also appear on your monthly account statements. If any of these dates fall on a holiday, the money is deducted on the previous business day.

NOTE: All installment payments must be completed by February 29, 2016. Those opting into the installment payment program in November, December, January, or February of the current year may have their payments consolidated and accelerated to meet this requirement.

Q: How do I change or update my AIP account?
A: To update your account information or preferences, please contact NYSBA’s State Bar Service Center at 800.582.2452/518.463.3200, fax 518.463.5993, or download and submit the AIP Change Request Form listed above.

Q: How do I reconcile any problems I may have with AIP?
A: Please call NYSBA’s Member Resource Center at 800.582.2452/518.463.3200.

Q: What if I don’t have enough money in my account when AIP is posted to my account?
A: You are obligated to have enough money in your account to make AIP payments, just as you must have funds in an account to cover a check. If you do not have enough money in an account, your financial institution can return the transaction, and charge returned fees.

Q: How do I cancel AIP?
A: Simply download the cancellation form above, or send your cancellation in writing to: NYSBA, Member Resource Center, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207, or fax: 518.463.5993.

Q: How long does AIP continue?
A: AIP continues every year, so you will not need to resubmit your account information each year. You will receive pre-notification before each annual renewal period. AIP only ends when express cancellation is received.

Dues Waiver Program

The Dues Waiver Program is intended to help members by providing assistance to attorneys whose financial circumstances are such that full payment of membership dues would pose a financial hardship. Situations which would merit a dues waiver include:

  • unemployment or income constraints
  • time out from practice for family or health reasons
  • reduced income based upon extraordinary practice or business losses

Current or prospective members of the New York State Bar Association are eligible to apply for dues waivers. Participation in the program is limited to two consecutive membership years, absent extenuating circumstances.

Those who wish to apply for a dues waiver must complete the application and sign the certification. All dues waiver applications are treated confidentially.

Dues Waiver Application

In the year following one’s participation in the program, members will receive an invoice for the full dues amount. The Dues Waiver Program operates on an annual basis, and may be terminated at the close of any calendar year.

Dues Waiver Program participants are entitled to all NYSBA benefits of membership as provided under the bylaws.

How are dues waivers determined?
After determining the regular Association membership dues amount, applicants may apply for a 25 percent or 50 percent waiver. All dues waiver applicants are requested to pay a minimum of one-half the regular dues for their membership category. Applicants should submit a note explaining the reason for their request and complete the certification. In exceptional circumstances, where even these reduced dues levels prove difficult, applicants must submit a note with this application that explains their extenuating circumstances, and suggest whatever payment is manageable.

Dues Waiver Application

Everything New York Licensed Attorneys and Law Students Need to Know 

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is a separate entity from the licensing body for New York – the NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA). Unlike some other states, New York does not have an integrated bar.

If you would like information regarding NYSBA membership, or if you have a question that is not answered here, please contact our Member Resource Center at 800.582.2452 or email [email protected] for assistance.

The questions and answers contained here are directly related to:

1. The bar exam (Board of Law Examiners)

2. Attorney registration/admissions (Office of Court Administration)

3. Attorney search and certificates of good standing (Office of Court Administration)

4. Court identification/secure pass (Office of Court Administration)