Legislative Priorities

NYSBA's Procedure for Selecting Legislative Priorities 


Each summer, the Association commences the process for developing legislative priorities for the following year.  The Steering Committee on Legislative Priorities ("Steering Committee"), chaired by the Association's President, will consider issues proposed by sections and committees when develop our legislative priorities.  Focusing our efforts on clear legislative priorities has improved the effectiveness of the Association.  An enhanced federal and state legislative action process, with direct involvement by the NYSBA leadership, promotes consistency and coordination, and helps us achieve an organized method of involvement of Association entities, members, and staff.

Recommendations from the sections and committees for legislative priorities are due for initial review in early September each year and may be submitted to the Association's Department of Governmental Relations, One Elk Street, Albany, New York 12207.  Fax: 518-687-5694.  (Recommendation forms are provided to section and committee offices, but the Department also will provide the form upon request.)

After an initial review by the Committee on Legislative Policy and the Committee on Federal Legislative Priorities, the Steering Committee will make recommendations to the NYSBA Executive Committee at its fall meeting (either late October or early November).