Membership Committee

About This Committee

The New York State Bar Association Committee on Membership was originally established in 1952. The Committee is comprised of members who maintain a strategic focus on keeping NYSBA membership diverse, inclusive, relevant and valuable for all members of the Association.   

Message from the Co-Chairs

 We are delighted to lead this committee and to bring a high standard of excellence to all interactions with NYSBA members.  

Your choice to be a NYSBA member is an important one. It reflects your dedication to your career and your interest in advancing the profession and the practice of law.  

Among the issues that are important to this committee are diversity in the profession, assistance for lawyers in transition, effective communications to members and more.  

We encourage you to get involved, join Sections, participate on committees and make your voice heard. Our voice makes a difference.  

Mitchell J. Katz, Co-Chair and Hyun Suk Choi, Co-Chair

Mission Statement

The stated purpose of the Committee on Membership shall be the study of membership development and retention for the Association and the development of recommendations to increase membership and enhance retention of attorneys and law students.

As part of this study, the Committee shall review membership surveys conducted from time to time to aid in fostering membership development among lawyers and law students; study demographic information and existing methods of communication to members and non members to improve the awareness of Association services and actions; consider additional member services and benefits; examine current Section activity levels and develop recommendations for additional programs and services; and consider means of enhancing the availability of Association programs and resources at the regional and local levels in cooperation with local bar associations.

The Committee shall conduct its work in coordination with other committees and Sections of the Association and shall report its finding to the President and Executive Committee as requested.

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Committee Reports