UIB Training 2015

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Friday, March 20, 2015
9:00am - 4:00pm

New York State Bar Association
Albany, NY

5.0 Transitional CLE Credits: 4.0 Skills, 1.0 Ethics
[Under New York’s MCLE rule, this program has been approved for all attorneys, including newly admitted.]

Cost: $75.00
This program is free for attorneys who agree to take TWO unemployment case referrals from the sponsoring organizations.

Sponsored by:

The New York State Bar Association
The Albany County Bar Association
The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

Program Description:

Designed for for attorneys interested in learning how to effectively represent a claimant with their Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) matter, this CLE will provide participants with a general overview of UIB. The program will also include the basics of unemployment disqualifications, preparing for a hearing and a perspective from the bench. This program is presented free of charge to attorneys who agree to take two UIB case referrals from the sponsoring organizations.


  1. Unemployment Insurance General Overview
  2. Basics of Disqualification: Misconduct; Reasons for Voluntary Quit; and Willful Misrepresentation and Overpayment
  3. Preparing for Your Hearing
  4. Mock Unemployment Hearing
  5. Perspective from the Bench and Appeals 


Matthew Tierney, Principal Administrative Law Judge
Christopher Tate, Principal Administrative Law Judge
Paul Mason, Esq., Director of Adjudication and Determination
Joseph Dougherty, Esq., Hinman Straub, P.C. 


A printed copy of the materials will be provided to all participants at the program. To download a copy of the materials click the link below.

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To register by phone please call 518-445-7691