Animal Law Resources

New York State Bar Association (NYSBA)

Animal Law in New York - LegalEase Pamphlet - This pamphlet is presented by the New York State Bar Association Committee on Animals and the Law and is intended as a basic introduction to animal law and animal related issues in New York State for both the public and lawyers alike.  

A Guide to the Use of Service Animals in New York State - The New York City Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association have released this guide jointly to help clarify the legal rights and obligations involving the use of service animals in the state. Please note that this guide provides general information only. The information in this guide should not be used or taken as legal advice for a specific situation.  For legal advice about your rights or obligations in a particular situation, please speak to a lawyer. 

Don't Forget Fido: Strategies Can Help Ensure Pets Are Taken Care Of - Article from the March / April 2017 issue of the State Bar News (by Cailin Brown).

New York State's Dangerous Dog Law - Sections 108(24) and 123 of the Agriculture and Markets Law Q & A.

The following materials and links are for informational purposes only.  The NYSBA does not support or endorse the content on external and/or hyperlinked websites and is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of such content or information.  

A Guide to Reporting Suspected Animal Cruelty or Neglect in New York State (English version.  Click here for the Spanish version.)  This guide, written by the New York City Bar Association's Animal Law Committee, provides information on Reporting Suspected Animal Cruelty and Neglect in New York State: Why It’s Important and Who to Contact.

American Humane Association - Founded in 1877, the American Humane Association is dedicated to protecting both children and animals. Resources include animal law and cases by state, humane education laws by state, breed specific legislation, military pets, foster-care agreement, pets in domestic violence/protective order laws, foreclosure and pets tips, and laws on pet trusts.     

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) - Animal cruelty resources, including information about puppy mills, equine cruelty, farm animals, and exotic pets.     

American Veterinary Medical Association - Provides links to a variety of issues, such as animal welfare issues, disaster preparedness, veterinary medical ethics, journals, public health, animal health.     

Animal Legal Defense Fund - Resources include laws & cases and law professional & law student resources.    

Animal Welfare Act - Official USDA website for information regarding the Animal Welfare Act and to provide information for improved animal care and use in research, testing, teaching, and exhibition.     

Animal Welfare Institute - AWI founded in 1951 to alleviate the suffering inflicted on animals by people. Web site includes government/legal affairs, issues, research library for animals in laboratories, in the wild, and in the oceans.     

Association of Zoos & Aquariums - AZA is an organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. Resources include Legislative Education Center.     

Center for Animal Law Studies - CALS Lewis & Clark Law School, Animal Law Program - Animal Law Review, links to publications and lectures, news, Legal Resources, and Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.     

Center for Wildlife Ethics - The Center for Wildlife Ethics (CWE) is a public interest organization that protects wild animals from exploitative agendas.     

Farm Sanctuary - Works to end cruelty to farm animals through rescue, education, and advocacy. Web site includes links to farm animal shelters, proposed legislation & public policy, federal & state litigation. 

The Humane Society of the United States - The website provides links to both federal and state legislative activities and laws.     

Institute for Humane Education - Programs and resource center for educators, with links to animal and human rights organizations. Includes resources for Animal Protection Activities- Animal protection humane education activities feature lesson plans & activities.     

International Animal-Law - International Animal-Law© is an organization committed to improving animal and human welfare. Web site provides international news regarding animal rights/welfare, list of courses and conferences, and links to international animal rights/welfare organizations.     

International Society for Animal Rights - ISAR providing legal information and analysis for the animal rights movement. Resources include links to cases, articles, reports and ISAR's amicus briefs.     

Michigan State University Animal Legal and Historical Center - A comprehensive repository of information about animal law, including: over 1200 full text cases (US, historical, and UK), over 1400 US statutes, over 60 topics and comprehensive explanations, legal articles on a variety of animal topics and an international collection.     

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets - New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets website.     

University of Wisconsin Law Library - Provides links to animal law sites including agencies/organizations, legal topics, and journals.