County Coordinators Information

The County Coordinators of the Mock Trial program are the primary reason the Mock Trial program in New York State is so successful. County Coordinators are responsible for fielding teams from the schools in their county, distributing materials to their teams, providing attorney mentors to teams in need, arranging the local tournament schedule, securing tournament space and judges, resolving any conflicts, and collecting all relevant CLE information. Nearly all the County Coordinators do even more, such as providing food and drink for teams, helping to arrange for transportation if needed, assisting students in attending the Mock Trial Summer Institute, and holding awards ceremonies for teams at the end of the season. Needless to say, the New York State Mock Trial tournament depends on the hard work of the County Coordinators, and the NYSBA and LYC are grateful for their continued effort each year.   

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Below is all the information previously sent to County Coordinators:

• Letter to Coordinators 

• Checklist of Responsibilities 

• Sample Dear Educator Letter (provided as an example if you choose to use it) 

• Sample Mock Trial Tournament Entry Form (provided as an example if you choose to use it) 

• Mock Trial Team Registration Form 

• Request for CLE Credit Verification Form 

• New York MCLE Rules for Mock Trial CLE Credit 

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