Attorney Search & Verification / Certificates of Good Standing

Q: Can the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) verify whether or not an attorney is a member of the New York Bar in good standing?
: No. The NYSBA is not the official New York Bar and is not responsible for attorney licenses or registration. Please contact the NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA), the official licensing/registration unit: 212.428.2800,

Q: Can I run a search on the NYSBA Web site for a New York attorney that I am trying to locate?
: No. You can however search for an attorney at the NYS Office of Court Administration’s (OCA) Web site:

Q: How does a licensed attorney obtain a Certificate of Good Standing?
: Letters or Certificates of Good Standing can be obtained from the Appellate Department where the attorney was admitted to practice.
1st Department (Manhattan) call 212.340.0400. 
2nd Department (Brooklyn) call 718.875.1300.
3rd Department (Albany) call 518.471.4777.
4th Department (Rochester) call 585.530.3100. 

If you do not know which Appellate Division the attorney was admitted in, you may obtain this information from the NYS Unified Court System’s Web site: