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Learn about leadership opportunities within the New York state bar association

Dear NYSBA Member,

January 1 begins a call for volunteers to serve on one or more of the Association’s Standing Committees. This spring, NYSBA’s incoming President will make numerous appointments to various committees and task forces. These groups form the core of the Association’s work that enhance the profession and help move it forward.

The start of a new calendar year often means new changes and opportunities. As Co-chairs of the Leadership Development Committee, we strongly encourage you to respond if you have an interest in serving on a particular committee or other group. Open the nomination form below, complete as directed and return to us.

Taking on leadership roles within the New York State Bar Association is not only good for your professional development, but it benefits the Association by enhancing support for the organized bar, to which we all belong. Let us know how the Committee can help you on your leadership path.

Also, don’t forget to renew your NYSBA membership. While doing so, be sure to encourage your non-member colleagues to consider joining the New York State Bar Association.

Hon. Helena Heath

Edwina "Winnie" Martin, Esq.

Upcoming Event

Webinar Program: Demystifying NYSBA’s Leadership Pathways: An Insider’s View

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Leadership of a New York State Bar Association Section, Committee or program can provide some of the best experiences in your professional career by raising your profile and providing invaluable connections.

This program will provide clarity about the basic processes and protocols to pursuing leadership positions within NYSBA from the perspectives of diverse individuals who have successfully navigated the leadership pathways to become NYSBA leaders.

To register, contact Mark Wilson (518.487.5540). 


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