Civil Rights Mission Statement

Mission Statement – Standing Committee on Civil Rights

The Committee on Civil Rights shall observe and consider matters relating to civil rights protected by the State of New York and United States Constitutions, including the Bill of Rights of each.

It is tasked with promoting awareness of civil rights issues through programs and reports that address specific concerns, and, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may make public what it believes to be the facts in any given matter, together with a statement of its recommendation or position with respect thereto. With the approval of the Executive Committee, the Committee on Civil Rights may take such other steps as it may deem proper to advance such civil rights, including engaging in educational efforts to help the general public better understand particular civil rights issues and encouraging action by the New York State Bar Association.

It may cooperate with national, state and local bar associations and the appropriate committees thereof whenever, in its judgment, such cooperation will result in a more effective protection of constitutional rights.

— Revised and Approved June 13, 2019